July 6

Recently Cobra has launched a nutrition service which provides clients a one stop shop for all their nutritional needs. Plans are individualized whereby clients can choose an array of options, from basic advice to meals being prepped and delivered.

Rawan, Cobra’s first client using this service is in her 4th week, she has been a great client and has taken all advice onboard. She has lost a total of 1.7kg already! Here’s what she has to say “I was always a person who skips meals and binge on weekends and I knew I was hindering my training with this so I decided to go with a meal plan .When I first got my meal plan , I was so scared from the amount of food and Sam kept telling me that you will lose weight , and I did and with all the food am eating , I lost weight in the first week. My body is toned and feeling energized and full all day ! Sam always supported and motivated me not to be scared of eating and also to enjoy my weekends ! I had pizza at the weekend and also lost weight ! I’m so happy with the progress and recommend anyone who wants to know what their body actually need to get onboard !”.

Her main goal was to decrease body weight and fat, whilst maintaining as much muscle as possible. It’s clear to see that it’s been a success, her weight is decreasing while the weights in the gym are increasing, which is always an indicator that muscle is being retained. Have a look at her progress below:

Weight before the plan.

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Here is a look at some of the food from her plan.

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