October 15

Hailing from Northampton in the UK, Ben Lucas started training Muay Thai at age 14. As a kid who was in and out of trouble, his mum sent him to Sor Khamsingh Gym, run by Liam Robinson.

Robinson and his two brothers, were well known in the UK Muay Thai scene, with Liam at the time being a World Champion. Ben benefitted from this as he got to spend a  lot of 1-1 time with him, which progressed him quickly. He had more amateur fights than he can remember and turned pro at 15.

(Ben (left), fighting in Melbourne in a Warriors Way show. Ben’s personal archive).

His first fight was taken on 4 days notice and matched him against Dave Fenson a former European Champion, which ended in a draw. An impressive result for a 15 year old kid on his first outing.

(Ben and his ‘Brother and Coach’ Liam Robison (left). Ben’s personal archive).

From there he would travel across the country with Liam, often lying about his age to fight against men way more experienced then him, on a few days notice.

After a few years of fighting and winning titles, he took some time away from the sport. This was short lived though as former opponents seem to be doing well, giving him the fire to return.

This is when things ramped up a gear and he fought some household UK names like Charlie Peters, Salah Khalifa and Tommi McCormack.

(In action against UK Number 1, Charlie Peters (right) on MTGP in London. Ben’s personal archive).

Unfortunately, shortly after, Liam his coach and affectionally titled brother passed away unexpectedly. This is where Ben’s passion and drive for the sport really shone through, as he had to travel a 120 round trip 4x a week to train at Pra Cho Suua. Here he trained under Tony Myers and fought and beat UK number 5 Brian Totty. This was a great accomplishment because at the time Ben was ranked at Number 10.

(Ben and Tony Myers (right) pre fight. Ben’s personal archive).

Shortly after Ben decided he wanted to take on the International scene and moved to Perth, Australia. Here he found home at the legendary Riddlers Gym training under the infamous Darren Reece. Ben claims that Darren “Took my conditioning to the next level”.

(Ben (right) and Darren Reece (far right), post fight. Ben’s personal archive).

With his new found skills and conditioning Ben then went on to fight in Thailand after gaining a sponsorship to live and train. Here he fought a former Channel 7 champion Rittedej and other Thai champions.

(In action agasint former champ Rittedej, in Thailand. Ben’s instagram).

Now after 40 odd professional fights, Ben is focused on passing on his knowledge as a coach. He also has new focus on fighting MMA, so is working tirelessly to develop the additional grappling and transition skills required.

As a new member of the Cobra Bahrain staff, Ben is a great addition to the team and we are very happy to welcome him. For the next two weeks however he’s in Abu Dhabi, so book now for your Personal Training sessions with him.

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