October 22

Meet Caroline our newest trainer at Cobra Fitness Abu Dhabi, an ex pro snowboarder of 10 years, she now specializes in Muay Thai. She Started training 8 years ago, whilst on holiday visiting her aunt in Koh Samui. One morning feeling restless and tired of beer, she decided to try an introductory Muay Thai session offered to tourists. She loved It from the first minute and booked multiple PTs, within 3 weeks she had her first fight.

Since then Caroline has travelled around a lot, she studied sports didactics in Sweden where she continued her Muay Thai journey training at Söders Fight Gym, Gävle. However, every chance she got, she would go back to Thailand to train and fight.

Her fighting career ramped up another level when she spent 3 years living in Korea, training at Shine gym, Ulsan. Here as she was the perfect size for the popular women’s weight division, she got many fight opportunities. Although it was mainly K1 Kickboxing bouts, as Muay Thai hasn’t quite got the same popularity over there.

Caroline is very passionate about Muay Thai and when asked she said “I love everything about Muay Thai, how it challenges me, both in the ring and in training. The adrenalin and feeling of being alive in the fights. The hard training sessions, the technical aspects, the progression, its beautiful to watch, the respect and the culture. She also believes that women should give it a try and encourages them to come and try her Ladies Muay Thai class in the gym, “it’s a fun and nice way of keeping in shape”.

Caroline is great assets to the team and we’re really excited to have her on board, she is incredibly passionate and has a wealth of knowledge. She is still an active fighter, having fought in Abu Dhabi on the Hard Knox Fight Night Round 6, winning a close split decision victory against a tough opponent from Australia.

Her fight record:

Muay Thai : 9-3
K1/Maxfc rules:2-3

Muay thai:5-0
K1 0-1
Boxing 2-0
MMA: 1-1

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