December 22

Meet Charlene our newest trainer at Cobra Fitness Abu Dhabi. Influenced by gymnastics as a child and through experimenting with different types of training, she has found her love for functional bodyweight training, pole fitness and recently power lifting. Developing these techniques Charlene has reached her goal of having a powerful, strong and agile body.

(@charlene_embodiedbalance instagram)

Charlene is available for PT’s and run lots of our classes at Cobra Fitness Abu Dhabi. She is dedicated to inspire and empower others to reaching their full potential, through fun and progressive workouts. She has a wealth of knowledge on movement technique, postural correction, mobility, strength and power to allow for optimum performance and to move with ease.

(@charlene_embodiedbalance instagram)

Her favorite exercise in the gym is The Deadlift, however more recently the Front Squat is starting to keep up there. Although these are here favorites and she loves lifting heavy, Charlene loves being able to defy gravity with her own bodyweight during pole dancing.


As of January, Charlene will be taking over our Cobra Pole program and will introduce new classes in the morning. She has 6 years of experience, even performing in Neo Burlesque Shows in the UK.

We are pleased to welcome Charlene to the Cobra Team, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience, in some unique skill sets that diversify our offering.

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