October 28

The post this week follows a different approach to our usual subjects of introductions or Cobra/fight news. Today we are acknowledging and bidding farewell to Tommy “Gunn” Wright.


 (Teaching the new generation, Cobra Fitness Bahrain Instagram)

Closing out his 2 year contract at the end of this month, Tommy is heading to Thailand to pursue his professional Muay Thai career. He has had an extremely unlucky two years in his fight career, plagued with injuries, he has only fought once, back at Hard Knox 6. Where he got injured in the first round, although carried on to finish his opponent in the 2nd with a HUGE elbow KO.

(In prep for his last fight, Tommy Instagram)

That injury was the start of the decline, leading to surgery on both feet. Alongside this his list includes a back injury, ankle, acl and broken rib……it’s been a rough road.

(Post ankle and foot surgery, Tommy Instagram)

However, as the saying goes every cloud has a silver lining. In this case, Tommy has instead focused his attention to becoming a better coach in both Muay Thai and fitness. In doing so he has thrived at both and his classes have developed quite the following at Cobra Fitness Bahrain.

He has made himself an invaluable member of the team and will leave a huge hole when he leaves next week.

(Running a Muay Thai class with some of his loyal following, Tommy Instagram)

With that being said, we wish Tommy the best of luck on his next chapter. He will be heading out to Phuket as a sponsored fighter to train with our good friend Eddie Farrell and his team at Samsing.

(Preparing for his next chapter in Thailand with fellow trainer Jamnian, Tommy Instagram)

We will be sure to keep you updated on his journey and showcase his success as much as we can.

Best of luck Tommy, it’s been an absolute pleasure, you will be missed.

Cobra Team.

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