February 5

Thursday 23rd January saw the return of Hard Knox Fight Night in the capital. It was the 8th instalment of the Fight Night series and was a sell out event. For the first time in the brands history, people were turned away because it was a complete sell out.

(Caroline landing a punch on her opponent, Hard Knox Instagram)

Aside of ticket sales the event was a massive success and everyone involved had a great night. In true HK fashion the fights were well match and action packed. Cobra went 4 for 4 with all fighters earning the prestigious W, most notably, trainers Marlin and Caroline winning in the second round due to doctor stoppage. Both fighters utilising vicious elbows prompting the referee to step in.

(Milena and her opponent Nathalie in an exchange, Hard Knox Instagram)

It was also once again a pleasure to host Australians Mark Pease and his fighters Nathalie (pictured above) and Jayden Eynaud (shown in the feature image) from Strike Force at the gym during fight week. Nathalie came up short against Cobra’s Milena and Jayden got a 2nd round victory, he will now stay on at coach at Cobra so keep your eyes peeled for a blog soon.

For a better look at the action watch the highlight video below.

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