October 31

Photo Credit Domination Facebook page

This past weekend marked the 21st instalment of Domination, the Muay Thai fight promotion from Perth, Australia. The card was headlined by the infamous Toby Smith (52W-6L-2D) and our good friend Eddie Farrell (20W-9L-2D). You may remember him from his stay in Abu Dhabi where he worked for Cobra and ran seminars in both Abu Dhabi and Bahrain.

Coming into the weekend Eddie was WMC World Muay Thai Champion. Australian Muay Thai Champion, Queensland State Kickboxing Champion and 2 x Thailand Champion. He is also noted for his brief appearance in Lethwei a martial art originating from Myanmar. Very similar to Muay Thai, however Lethwei is fought bare knuckle and allows the use of the head, for head butts during the fights.


Photo Credit Eddie’s Instagram page

You can follow Eddie on social media (@eddie_fighting_farrell) where he and his wife Brooke (@brooke_nakmuay also a Muay Thai fighter) are affectionately known as ‘The Fighting Farrell’s’. You can see their escapades and training from Thailand where they base themselves, when they’re not travelling the world fighting. Aside from training you can see them taking on food challenges for their blog.

Looking back at the weekend, it’s unfortunate that Eddie lost the fight as his trainer Mark Pease (also a good friend of Cobra) pulled him out before the start of the third round. As you can see from the image below, Eddie sustained a huge cut that means he was unable to carry on the fight with loss of vision from the blood leaking into both eyes. It’s a shame as the fight was shaping up nicely and both fighters trading heavy elbows and punches. In the second round Eddie was keen to continue and came out “ready to punch on” without his mouth guard.

Photo Credit Eddie’s Instagram page

Hats off to Toby Smith, he showed his class and is a great fighter to watch. Eddie, all the best going forward, know that the Cobra family are always watching and supporting.

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