September 20

Jaures “The Crazy Cameroonian” Gomez is now part of the Cobra family. He may sound familiar from previous posts, if not this in an introduction to the Crazy one.

(Jaures victory after a pro MMA fight, Jaures Instagram)

Hailing from Cameroon (hence the name), Jaures started his martial arts journey in Judo. In 2011 he competed in the National competition, earning a Bronze medal. In 2012 he returned and this time won Gold.

(Jaures in the Semi Final of the National competition, 2011)

After his run of success, Judo unfortunately took a back seat as Jaures tried to juggle his University studies alongside it.

In 2015, his friends told him about Dubai and he soon applied for job, which landed him in Abu Dhabi. Starting off as a cleaner, Jaures friend Alex introduced him to Cobra, after failing to find somewhere he could reignite his passion for Judo. Here he would start helping out with the cleaning in exchange for training.

It didn’t take long for his natural athleticism and strength to show, he took to Boxing and Muay Thai very quickly. With in a few months he was fighting in amateur competitions in both MMA and Muay Thai.

Now Jaures has gone pro, after fighting his first MMA fight in Hard Knox Fight Night 4.

Although his fights don’t tend to last long and end in devastating fashion, his most notable and impressive win came on Hard Knox Fight Night Round 7. He was pitted against a much more experienced fighter and also a BJJ black belt. Much to everyones surprise, the fight was a hard fought battle on the ground which eventually ended in Round 3, where Jaures submitted him with an Arm Triangle. This was a huge victory because at the time Jaures was only a White Belt, so to have a submission win over a Black belt is a huge achievement.

More recently he has put himself in title contention for UAE Warriors after beating everybody they have put in front of him. Tapology have him ranked at number 8 (out of 135) in the Middle East, another huge achievement in such a short amount of time.

(Jaures in a pro Muay Thai fight on Hard Knox Fight Night 6, Jaures Facebook)

His current record is 6-2 (4KO) and 5-0 Muay Thai (3KO), you can find him daily at Cobra Fitness UAE.

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