June 17

This past weekend at UAE Warriors 11, Cobra continued their undefeated streak in professional MMA. Wins from Jaures Dea and Marcos Paulo took them to 11 wins without a loss. Both looked impressive, Marcos got a submission win in the 1st round and Jaures “Crazy Cameroonian” looked ferocious with his devastating leg kicks, in a very one sided decision win.

(Marcos sinking in the choke,

(Jaures landing one of many devastating leg kicks,

Cobra Fitness Bahrain’s Ben Lucas was incredibly unlucky as he made the walk to the cage for the first time. Unfortunately his fight was ruled a No Contest as he was accidently poked in the eye, causing him to completely lose his vision. A very gutting result for this young hungry fighter, although we’re hoping he gets to have a second crack with a rematch on the next Warriors show.

  (Ben in action before the contest was stopped,

For a closer look into how the boys got to the event, you can see into their training camp in the link below. For the first time we had cameras follow the boys with coaches Mat, Bruno and Rodrigo as they put the boys through their paces. If you like the video please like, subscribe, comment and share to all.

(Cobra family, Cobra Fitness UAE Instagram)

In closing we’d like to say a massive thanks to UAE Warriors for holding an event during this global pandemic. Not only do they strive to build UAE MMA, they take risks and deliver. We’re proud to be a continued part of the journey.

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