Cobra Bahrain’s BJJ get’s his majesty’s blessings

February 24

Last week was a proud week for Cobra in Bahrain, as long term client Dr Ahmed Aradi received a recognition award from his majesty the King, for his achievements in BJJ. “Aradi”, who is fairly new to the sport has progressed leaps and bounds in the 2 years he has been training with Cobra. From never stepping on the mat before, to winning Gold Medals in Bahrain and London, receiving his Blue Belt. Then late last year, winning another Gold in his new belt category at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Grand Slam and most recently his introduction in the Bahrain National BJJ team.

(The kings recognition award, Aradi instagram)

We’re super proud of Aradi and he’s a testament to what hard work, dedication and consistency can bring. His unique character and love for Cobra has also made him an integral part of the Cobra family.

(Dr Aradi (far left), with his gold medals and award, Aradi’s instagram)

We also have to give special recognition to Ahmed Janahi and Khaled Faraj, who last year also got introduced into the Bahrain National Team, something again we’re very proud of. These guys work hard everyday and are a pleasure to have in the gym.

(Ahmed Janahi (left) and Khalid Faraj (Right) with President of the BJJ Federation H.E Reza Monfaradi)

2019 was a super successful year for Cobra BJJ and we cannot wait to better it in 2020. Let the family and success keep growing.

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