Cameroon gets Sucker Punched!

February 13

It’s been a very exciting week, Jaures “The Crazy Cameroonian” Gomez has signed with management company Sucker Punch Entertainment. This is incredibly exciting, potentially taking Jaures’ career to the next level, opening multiple doors through their contacts.

(Jaures signing his SP contract, Cobra UAE instagram)

They have a huge stable, with multiple fighters in every major MMA promotion you can think of, including World Champions. One of which Zhang Weili the UFC World Strawweight Champion, who this week inaugurated the new relationship between Cobra and Sucker Punch, by spending part of her camp for UFC 248 training with owner Mat in Abu Dhabi.

(Zhang and Mat post training, Zhang’s Instagram)

Its been an honour having Zhang at Cobra for part of her camp. We will all be watching you do the business March 7th at UFC 248, best of luck.

For more on Sucker Punch and the stable Jaures is now part of, check their website here. You will see he’s in very good company and we’re looking forward to seeing him being represented by the Sucker Punch team.

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