December 16

Friday saw the Cobra team back in Dubai, this time for TK MMA & Fitness’ Fight Night. The event was exclusively professional boxing and had former Olympian and Word Champion boxer Amir Khan in attendance.

Head Trainer and Owner Mat getting Caroline ready before the bout.

Representing Cobra was Caroline Sand who made her professional boxing debut after fighting Muay Thai for many years. She started strong and maintained composure through scoring with solid shots on target. Working her straights well and moving around using the whole ring, she scored a huge right hand in the second round which rocked her opponent, but couldn’t manage to find the knock out. Stepping in to the 3rd ready to go Caroline still boxed with a lot of composure and fought a great fight.

Also representing Cobra and making his debut in the professional ranks, Ismail rematched his opponent from the week before. From the first bell Ismail used his range and threw his jab as planned, keeping his opponent at bay easily taking the first round with single shots and range with great foot work. Round two saw Ismail pick up the pace landing more flurries but also getting caught with a few heavy body shots from his opponent. The third round both boys let lose a little more with combinations and the fight picked up a gear. Unfortunately the fight was only a scheduled 3 rounder, with the judges giving a split decision to his opponent with the Cobra corner still questioning “How?”

The Cobra Corner Team with Ismail between rounds.

Unfortunately both lost very controversial decisions, that had many spectators questioning the verdict. We believe the guys did enough and looking forward to seeing them both in action soon.

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