February 6

Cobra Athlete Brux displaying his passion after submitting his much bigger opponent

This past weekend Cobra Fitness Bahrain hosted their second grappling competition. This time it was in a team format whereby gyms from all over the island competed in teams against each other. The knockout format meant that each team (maximum of 5 competitors) would compete for the slot in the next round.

It was a fun format because the running order of the teams weren’t submitted until the final seconds before the match. The open weight rules meant that anybody could face anyone, with some competitors giving away huge size advantages.

Each match would run for 5 minutes, or until there was a submission. If no submission then athletes had one minute of extra time, whereby the first person to score points would win and score a point for the team. The team with the most points at the end of the match would move on to the next round and the loosing team would go home.

The Final teams Cobra 1 and RMAC Team Bahrain (Winners) and their coaches

Cobra had great success as all three teams won their opening matches and progressed to the next round. Cobra Team 1 reached the final whereby they lost 1-3 to RMAC Team Bahrain.

Khalid Faraj was the stand out Cobra competitor of the day, he can be seen below trying to ferociously guillotine his opponent during extra time in the final.

MVP of the day Khalid Faraj sinking a deep guillotine

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